The Disabled Students’ Program (DSP) Student Support Services (SSS), is a Federal TRiO program funded by the U.S. Department of Education. The DSP SSS is designed to identify and support the retention and graduation of students with disabilities, of whom at least one-third of the participants also qualify as being from low income backgrounds.

While the DSP SSS program is housed under DSP, not all DSP SSS participants must be registered as DSP students, however they must all have documented disabilities in order to qualify for acceptance to the DSP SSS program. Students with disabilities are considered underrepresented according to the federal TRIO guidelines.

DSP SSS participants must apply, and then be accepted, into the program each year. Once accepted into DSP SSS, participants are provided high touch guidance and support with academic, financial, social, career, and cultural opportunities funded by the federal grant.

Due to the fact only 250 students may be served each year under the grant, the application and admission process for DSP SSS includes a review of the applications to determine academic need for participation, as well as a students’ commitment toward actively participating in programs and outreach intended to improve and enhance their retention and graduation at UC Berkeley.

The DSP SSS program provides a wonderful opportunity for students committed to personally investing in a program designed to increase their academic, career and personal success. As a small cohort, participants will be exposed to members of the historic disability community and resources in the Bay area, as well as contact with the larger international disability community. Active DSP SSS participants will have unprecedented opportunities to engage in opportunities that will build self-confidence, essential career skills, and transferable disability-management.

Only students wanting to be actively engaged in the coaching, mentoring, and outreach of DSP SSS need apply.  As with most opportunities in life, the first step will be to complete the application process.