At TRiO-S3, we provide high touch services in cultivating a supportive community at Cal. We provide students with the following support:


Student Success Plans (SSP)

The TRiO-S3 Specialist and Program Coordinator work with each TRiO student to develop an SSP. This plan establishes annual goals and identifies specific services based on the student’s individual needs at each phase of their academic career: transitioning into the university, becoming integrated into campus life, and preparing for graduation.  The SSP is updated each year by participants with the assistance of the SSS Specialist. 

Peer Academic and Career Coaches (PACCs)

The purpose of the PACC Mentoring Program is to increase the academic, career, and social success of first-year TRiO-S3 students.  PACCs assist new students by serving as an academic peer advisor, a resource to the campus and community, and a mentor to assist with the transition to UC Berkeley.  PACCs serve as positive role models for new DSP/TRiO-SSS participants, lead individual small topic specific sessions depending on academic specialties, and coordinate Learning Community (LC) opportunities.

Social Events and Enrichment Workshops

Social events and enrichment workshops provide TRiO students the opportunity to further develop their skillsets (academic, personal, professional, and social) in order to succeed at Cal and beyond. They also provide socially enriching opportunities for students to explore their multiple identities, including building a positive collective identity.These events occur on and off campus.  The following are only a few examples:

Academic Support

  • Assistance in transitioning to Cal
  • Tutoring through the Student Learning Center
  • Academic Advising including study skills and test-taking
  • Exploring Learning Differences: Strategies for Success Course
  • Instruction in Assistive Technology

Financial Aid and Money Management

  • Financial Aid counseling
  • Money management tools and resources
  • Grant-in aid awards for eligible Pell Grant recipients

Post-Graduation Planning

  • Graduate school information and planning
  • Professional Development and Different Ability Course
  • Career Exploration and Assessment

Membership to a national network

As a Federal TRiO program funded by the Department of Education, TRiO-S3 is part of a larger national network and one of several TRiO programs at Cal. TRiO-S3 students will have an opportunity to engage in this larger TRiO community, either by attending regional and national conferences as well as TRiO-related events, such as social gatherings and Cal national TriO Day.