WorkAbility IV, commonly referred to as "WAIV," is a collaboration between UC Berkeley, employers, students, and the California State Department of Rehabilitation.

How do I join?

In order to join, you need to be a UC Berkeley student or recent graduate. You need to have a permanent, verifiable disability that makes you eligible to become a consumer of the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR), if you are not one already.

In this case, it's better to err on the side of assuming you are qualified rather than not. We will let you know if you are not qualified to join, so you should come in and meet with us to better determine your qualifications for joining, and the referral process for DOR.

If you are not a DOR consumer, schedule an appointment with our Program Administrator, who will facilitate your application to DOR. If you are a DOR consumer, schedule an appointment with the Program Assistant to start the intake process.


Students have the opportunity to consent to make their resumes available to companies and organizations through the various DSP resume books and resume drops. These are to be used solely for recruitment purposes.

Contact Information

WorkAbility IV Program Director

Karen Nielson, JD/MSW
Voice: (510) 642-8783

Workability IV Employment Coordinator/Job Developer
Sandy Keach
Voice: (510) 642-6985

Workability IV DSRP Coordinator 
Kevin Shields
Voice: (510) 642-8898

Workability IV Program Administrator
Esther Green
Voice: (510) 643-8492

Workability IV DSRP Program Assistant
Linda Atkinson
Voice: (510) 642-8898