DSRP helps eligible disabled students make the transition from home, to school, and on to employment. It is designed to help you get through Cal, and onto a productive and fulfilling career.

The Disabled Students' Readiness Program (DSRP) services, which are part of the Workability IV Program, are funded by a cooperative contract between UC Berkeley and the California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR).

What is DSRP?

The Disabled Students' Readiness Program (DSRP) is a DOR funded PVSA program, which provides guidance, direction and training on appropriate work related behaviors specific to the elimination of identified barriers to employment.

Who does DSRP serve?

The DSRP serves DOR clients who would benefit from pre-employment skills employment training. Most of what we do is centered on workshops, classes, housing accommodations, service navigation, connections to campus and community resources, financial literacy, events like career fairs, and meeting students specific needs.

The DSRP Program helps set the stage for students to connect with the community and learn from other people with disabilities who have gone before them.

Typical disabilities participating in the program include mobility impairments, wheel chair users, autism spectrum disorders, chronic medical conditions, mental health issues and blind or visually impaired students. If you did not see your disability listed, that does not mean the program will not serve you. Contact the Coordinator, Kevin Shields, via emailing kevinshields@berkeley.edu or by calling (510) 642-8898, to see how you may fit in, and what services you can benefit from.

What kind of services can DSRP offer you?

DSRP training activities better prepare you for a job and career by targeting the elimination/reduction of identified barriers to employment such as:

  • Self-confidence about employment potential
  • An expectation about a career
  • Job Accommodation and disclosure strategies
  • Executive presence and ability to market self
  • Appropriate interaction in the workplace
  • Grooming and hygiene as related to work
  • Mobility training in the use of public transportation
  • Work practices, habits and attitudes such as attendance, punctuality, phoning in if ill, returning promptly from breaks and lunch
  • Personal budgeting, banking, and bill payment

Upon acceptance, students undergo an assessment identifying target skills requiring training provided through workshops and one-on-one meetings with staff. When students are ready, they transition into the WAIV services section of the program building real world work experience toward employment.

Contact Information

DSRP Coordinator
Kevin Shields
Email: kevinshields@berkeley.edu
Voice: (510) 642-8898