Student ASL FAQs

Student ASL General FAQs

What if I need ASL Interpreting services for a campus event outside of my scheduled classes?

What activities will ASL Interpreters not participate in?

Interpreters will not define unfamiliar terms or explain course content for the student, take notes, hand out documents, or attend class in the event the student is absent.

Will I have the same ASL Interpreter for all of my classes?

Interpreters will be scheduled based on logistics and students’ schedules. For classes that are more than an hour in length or with complex content, two interpreters will be assigned. They will switch every 15-20 minutes.

What if I make a late request or change my classes?

Please request ASL accommodations through AIM for any class changes or newly added classes.

How do I request ASL Interpreting services?

For students not yet enrolled in DSP, please visit: DSP new student accommodation application. If you are currently enrolled in DSP and have an accommodation for ASL, visit How to Request Services Through AIM...

What is ASL Interpreting?

American Sign Language (ASL) is a visual language. The ASL Interpreter facilitates the communication of what is being said in a variety of academic situations. They may also translate the student’s signed communication into spoken English when the student is called upon, has a comment or question, or makes a presentation. ASL Interpreters are there to provide communication access between the student, the instructor, and the class.

What if a class is cancelled?

In the event that a class is cancelled, the student will need to notify the ASL Supervisor as soon as possible.

Student ASL On-Campus Learning FAQs

What if I am going to be late or absent for on-campus learning?

The student should notify the ASL Supervisor as soon as possible that they will not be attending that class. We recognize that there may be instances in which, due to unavoidable circumstances, a student may not be able to provide advance notice of being absent/late for class. If no advance notice is provided, ASL Interpreters will wait for the student's arrival for 15 minutes after the start of class for a one-hour class, 20 minutes for two-hour classes, and 30 minutes for a three-hour class or longer.

Where will the interpreter stand?

The interpreter will stand as close to the speaker as possible so the student can pick up on facial expressions and body language from the speaker.

Student ASL Remote Learning FAQs

How will I receive ASL Interpreting services remotely?

A video communication service is used for ASL interpreting when a class is held remotely via Zoom. ASL interpreting will be provided virtually through a URL link. Students will be provided the URL link prior to class beginning.

If you have any difficulty accessing AIM, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.  Please send an email to, and a DSP staff member will respond to your inquiry and assist you with obtaining the information you need.