Proctoring with DSP

The DSP Proctoring Office is a semi-independent unit of the Disables Students' Program. We are located in a different building and we use separate databases and email. For all proctoring issues, please email and be sure to include the 5-digit Course Catalog Number (CCN) associated with the class in the subject line to ensure a quicker response.

Please read these instructions very carefully to avoid any complications with your DSP Proctoring Request.


Setting up Proctoring through DSP

  1. You will only be able to submit ONE Proctoring Request Form each semester for EACH 5-digit Course Catalog Number (CCN). You must include all quizzes, midterms, and finals for the whole semester when you submit your request. If you need to make any changes to your request please email

  2. For cross-listed classes, you must submit a separate online request form for each 5-digit CCN.

  3. After you submit your request you will receive an email that will include a list of students in your class who have submitted their Letters of Accommodations (LOAs) and who qualify for exam-related accommodations. Please reply to that email to add students if you receive additional LOAs after your request is submitted.

  4. You will receive a confirmation email approximately 8-10 business days prior to the scheduled exam. This email will include each student’s name, testing time, and their testing location on labels. Please communicate with each student their testing time to be sure it doesn't conflict with another exam. Any changes to exam details need to be arranged between the faculty and the student and the faculty must notify us in writing via email of these changes. DO NOT HAVE ANY STUDENTS CONTACT US DIRECTLY.

  5. At this time, we are unable to proctor any exams administered on bCourses, or any online exams.  For assistance with setting up an assessment option on bCourses or fully online courses, please contact Digital Learning Services.

SUBMIT the Proctoring Request Form HERE

We are unable to proctor any online exams. For assistance with online exams please contact Digital Learning Services or email:

  • Place each exam in a separate 9"x12" envelope for each student, and affix the labels provided in your confirmation email to the envelope.

  • Drop off the exams at 224 Moffitt Library NO LATER than 4:30 PM, ONE BUSINESS DAY before the exam, and fill out the drop-off form.

  • Exams will be ready for pick up the day after the exam in our office at 224 Moffitt Library. Fill out the exam pick-up form.


  • If the student requires a scribe we need at least five (5) business days prior to the date of your exam to schedule scribes.

  • If you need to convert any exams to an alternative format (braille, large print, audio), please contact the DSP Alternative Media Office. The turnaround for converting any materials is three (3) business days.

DSP Proctoring Requirements

Proctoring Request Deadlines:

Regular Semester:  10 business days

Fall Semester Final Exams:  *November 4th

Spring Semester Final Exams:  *April 2nd

*DSP Proctoring has limited capacity.  Submission of a request is not a guarantee of DSP Proctoring assistance.  

For Final Exams please consider making alternative arrangements within your department for students requiring 150% extended time and/or a reduced distraction environment.  Priority for DSP Proctoring will be given to students with accommodations of 200% or more, use of assistive technology, a scribe, or other complex accommodations. DSP Proctoring staff will notify you upon receiving a request if we are unable to assist on any given date.