With DSP

Setting up Proctoring through DSP

  1. Please complete our Proctoring Services Request Form and be sure to fill out a request form for every course for which proctoring is needed.

  2. You will receive a confirmation email from DSP asking for the names of every student that you would like proctored.

  3. 1 - 2 weeks before each exam you will receive a confirmation email, which has each student’s name, testing time, and their testing location on labels. You then need to relay that information to each student promptly.

    If there is an issue with a testing date or time for a student please relay that information to us, and pending your approval, we will make a change to accommodate the student.

  4. Place hard copies of the exam in an envelope, one envelope for each student, and attach the label to the envelope.

  5. Drop off the exams to Cesar Chavez 260A 24-48 hours before the exam, and fill out the drop off form.

  6. Pick up the exams either the same day at the testing site or go to Cesar Chavez 260A any day after the exam and fill out the exam pick up form.

If there are any changes that need to be made such as students who drop the course, new DSP students in the course, exam date needs to be changed, or a change of exam date please email proctoring@berkeley.edu as soon as possible.

DSP Proctoring Requirements

Proctoring Request Deadlines:

Regular Semester: * 2 Weeks

Fall Semester Final Exams:  *November 2

Spring Semester Final Exams:  *April 1st 

*DSP Proctoring has limited capacity.  Submission of a request is not a guarantee of DSP Proctoring assistance.  


Please consider making alternative arrangements within your department for students requiring 150% extended time and/or a reduced distraction environment.  Priority (DSP Proctoring) will be given to students with accommodations of 200% or more, use of assistive technology, a scribe, or other complex accommodations.   DSP Proctoring staff will notify you upon receiving a request if we are unable to assist on any given date.