Steps for Getting Notes

Steps for Getting class notes are also available in PDF.

The following steps are designed to assist DSP in accommodating you with timely and effective note-taking services through cooperation, good communication, and advance notice. Failure to follow these steps may result in a delay in receiving note-taking services.

Steps for Getting Note-taking Services

STEP 1 - Utilize priority enrollment to sign up for classes

As a DSP student, you receive priority enrollment so that you are able to predict your class schedule in advance and in turn you are able to provide DSP with advance notice of your need for note-taking services.

Essential Steps to Obtain Note-taking Services

STEP 2 - Submit your request for Note-taking Services

Properly submit your request for note-taking services as soon as you enroll in a course during your TeleBears I and TeleBears II enrollment period. Because DSP students are given priority registration for courses, it is expected that they will notify their Disability Specialist as soon as possible.

STEP 3 - Schedule an appointment with your Disability Specialist

When requested, promptly schedule an appointment with your Disability Specialist following course enrollment to review and discuss your request for note-taking services. Additional meetings with your Disability Specialist may be needed if you later change your classes.

Communication & Coordination

STEP 4 - Keep your contact information up-to-date. 

All UC Berkeley students are required to establish a email address. Students are responsible for keeping the address current and for regularly monitoring their email for official communications from DSP (and the University). Be sure to keep your contact information up-to-date in Bear Facts.

STEP 5 - Timely communication with your Disability Specialist

Communicate with your Disability Specialist as requested, in a timely manner. This includes being available to meet in-person with your Disability Specialist as needed.

STEP 6 – Notification of Changes

Whenever note-taking services have been requested and/or authorized, immediately notify your Disability Specialist if course notes are made available to the class from non-DSP sources (bSpace, instructor notes, course reader, PowerPoint, or other) so that your Disability Specialist and you can discuss whether these may meet your need for class notes as a disability-related accommodation. Also, immediately notify your Disability Specialist of any changes in your need for note-taking services or course enrollment status (such as dropping the course).

STEP 7 – Notification of Problems

Promptly inform your Disability Specialist if you experience any problems with the note-taking services that are provided to you. You are asked to provide specific examples and information about any reported problem. DSP will investigate the reported problem and take appropriate steps if necessary.