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Faculty and Staff Captioned Media FAQs

You can also contact the Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL) department by calling (510) 643-8637 or by visiting https://rtl.berkeley.edu/quick-support-options if you would like them to demonstrate procedures for turning on captions.

If you have any difficulty accessing AIM or retrieving faculty notification letters or information, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. Please send an email to ...

What if the media I plan to use is from YouTube?

There are three options to have YouTube media captioned: Submit YouTube media and request captioning through AIM, Submit unlisted YouTube links via bCourses, or Submit content via YouTube channel. The steps for each process are listed below.

Submit YouTube media and request captioning through AIM

If the material is on YouTube, you should check to see if it’s appropriately captioned. If it is not properly captioned, you may submit the media and your captioning request...

What is the difference between My Media and Media Gallery?

My Media is the place on bCourses where all of your recordings and Zoom lectures are uploaded and housed. All of this content is unique and viewable only to you.

Media Gallery is for videos that are viewable by those with access to the bCourses site.


How do I share a captioned video or other captioned media with my students through bCourses/Kaltura?

You can choose to share your captioned media with all of your students by placing it in your Media Gallery, or you may keep it private in your My Media folder on bCourses. Here's how to share a video from your My Media folder on bCourses with your students: Berkeley Service Now How to Share My Media

For further...

What should I do if the media I plan to use is not captioned?

If your material is not captioned, please submit your Captioned Media request via the DSP portal (AIM).

For instructions on how to submit a request through AIM, please click to view instructions for submitting media for captioning. For shorter videos of ten minutes or less, please allow 10 business days...

How do I get my media captioned?

Submit captioning requests to DSP Captioning via the DSP portal (AIM). This includes all media including, but not limited to, bCourses videos, video and voiceover content, narrated embedded PowerPoint videos, videos listed on your syllabus, YouTube, TED Talks, Zoom lectures,...

How long does it take to get media captioned?

For shorter videos of ten minutes or less, please allow 10 business days. For longer videos, please allow 15 business days. For last-minute media captioning requests, please submit your request via AIM and indicate your desired turnaround time. Please plan accordingly. If videos are not captioned, they may not be shown in class or be required to view outside of class time.

What is captioned media?

Captioned Media displays spoken words as text and includes speaker identifications, sound descriptions, punctuation, and musical lyrics and/or description.