FAQ Student Captioned Media General

What do I do if media is not being captioned after I have received an accommodation?

If you feel your accommodations are not being met or you have any questions or concerns, please notify your DSP Specialist.

Student Captioned Media FAQs

If you have any difficulty accessing AIM, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. Please send an email to dssonline_help@berkeley.edu, and a DSP staff member will respond to your inquiry and assist you with obtaining the information you need.

Will Captioned Media be provided even though I have a Realtime Captioner?

Yes, Captioned Media is a separate accommodation. All media has to be captioned, even if a Realtime Captioner is present.

What is captioned media?

Captioned Media displays spoken words as text and includes speaker identifications, sound descriptions, punctuation, and musical lyrics and/or description.

What is included in Captioned Media accommodations?

The Captioned Media accommodation applies to any media that is presented, posted, and/or required to be viewed in a course. Students with a Captioned Media Accommodation must have equal access to all media-related material in a course.

Can I make a request for Captioned Media after my initial accommodations are granted?

Yes. You may request additional accommodations after your initial request is approved. Please schedule an appointment with your DSP Specialist to request a new accommodation. If your request has been approved, please allow sufficient time for the instructor and the Communication Services Department to coordinate your Captioned Media accommodation.