Can a student with a Realtime Captioning accommodation participate in Zoom group work/breakout rooms?

Yes, the student is able to participate in group work. When a class is held in-person, a captioner is present and often sits with the group in order to hear the speakers clearly. Remote classes are handled in a similar fashion in that the captioner will be present in the same breakout room/group component as the student. 

A student may also speak with the DSP Captioning Coordinator if they wish to omit captioning from any portion of their course. In the event a student elects to omit captioning from a component of their course, the instructor will be notified by the DSP Captioning Coordinator that the student does not need captioning for that specific portion.

We encourage students to discuss their accommodations with their professors, and they may reach out to you with what works best for them in your particular class.