Autism Spectrum Services

Spectrum Connect


Our mission is to provide autistic students at UC Berkeley with academic support and a community to assist with a successful transition to campus at no additional cost to the student. We aim to build an more accessible campus community by offering activities that promote options for social engagement and a sense of belonging on campus.

Our focus is to offer a transdisciplinary model for offering individualized supports for autistic students. We offer services as needed by individual students including academic support, social connection and career readiness resources. Students work with a disability specialist throughout the duration of their time at UCB. 

Our Program AlliesWe encourage all students who engage with Spectrum Connect to apply for our DSP federally funded TRIO program.  The DSP TRIO program offers higher touch academic services, community building events and enrichment workshops for Cal students who identify with disability, including autism spectrum disorder.  For more information on TRIO, please refer to the link in the sidebar.

Academic Supports: 

  • Executive function skills building

  • 1:1 disability management coaching

  • Transition skills development and resources 

  • Self-advocacy enhancement through effective communication strategies

  •  Academic coaching and financial skills literacy training through TRiO

Social and Community Involvement:

  • Weekly group meals

  • Monthly campus events

  • Physical activity meet-ups

  • Study groups 

  • Weekly discussion group

  • Mentorship availability with our graduate student intern
  • Volunteer opportunities through TRiO

Career Readiness: 

  • Monthly career readiness workshops through discussion group

  • 1:1 meetings with our DSP career counselor for assistance with interviewing skills, resume writing, career networking and disclosure practices

  • Career readiness workshops through TRiO

For further information about the Spectrum Connect program, we can be reached at