The Proctoring Center will be CLOSED from August 17th through August 23rd

Summer 2022 Testing Agreement is now available.

The Berkeley campus uses a shared model for test accommodations and proctoring services. While academic departments and faculty members are primarily responsible for providing testing accommodations to students with disabilities, Proctoring Services may provide support (proctors and space) in the event that the department or faculty do not have the requisite resources to provide these accommodations. The DSP Proctoring Center, in collaboration with students and faculty, seeks to ensure an equitable and sustainable testing environment.

Space is limited so we askwhenever possible, that faculty provide accommodations within their department for students with simple accommodations like 150% extended time and a reduced distraction environment. That way we can ensure that we have enough space to proctor all students who have complex accommodations like 200% (or more) time, room alone, scribe, use of a computer, etc.

Contact information

DSP Proctoring Office
1 University Hall (formerly the PBHLTH Library)
Berkeley, CA 94720
Email: sends e-mail)
Voice: (510) 643-4691

Hours of Operation

Regular Semester
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Monday through Friday

Finals Week
8:30 am - 6:00 pm
Monday through Friday