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Who We Are

The Alternative Media Center is comprised of trained staff that specializes in converting course materials into accessible formats for students with print related disabilities. Inaccessible course materials can be converted into either an accessible electronic or print format.

Students scanning a book on a flatbook scanner.

Who We Serve

Alternative Media is an accommodation that is approved on an individual basis through the interactive process between the Disability Specialist and the student. Registered students who have met with a Disability Specialist and have provided documentation that supports the need for print related accommodations may be referred to the Alternative Media Center for an assessment.

Alternative Media Staff binding a book in the alternative media center.

Getting Access

Please schedule and meet with your Disability Specialist as soon as possible to determine if Alternative Media is an appropriate accommodation. Students should provide documentation that supports the need for print related accommodations. Students will be referred to the Alternative Media Center for an assessment to determine what type of software and format is the best fit. To schedule an appointment, please contact the DSP receptionist at (510) 642-0518.


Upon request DSP provides alternative media for required and recommended course reading assignments including course textbooks, readers, handouts, materials posted to bCourse and specifically required or recommended library materials. Please note there are also Library services for students with print disabilities.

The following guidelines are designed to assist the Disabled Students' Program (DSP) in providing you with timely and...


Please email us at if you would like to schedule a Zoom appointment or have any other needs.

Self Scan Lab Hours

Day Hours
Monday - Friday

Temporarily closed

Read more about the self-scan lab.

Exam Conversion

If you are a faculty member or GSI who needs to convert an exam into an alternative format, please send an email to in which you share with us the following information:

Student name

Student ID

Class name

Professor name


Exam date

In your email, you can share...


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