Alternative Media Agreement

When logging into AIM, eligible students will be prompted to sign the following contract which stipulates the use of alternative formats. For a DOCX version of the contract, please use this link: Alternative Media Agreement - DOCX.

Alternative Media Contract

I, hereby referred to as the "Student,” affirms that by signing this statement, the Student is agreeing to the following uses of audio-recording devices, as outlined in the terms of this agreement.

The above referenced Student has disabilities as defined by the University of California's Guidelines Applying to Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability. Following documentation and individual assessment, it has been determined that the Student’s accommodations include the use of alternative media in class. To assure proper use of the accommodation within the confines of this particular academic setting, meaning the class or classes in which the Student is enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley, these stipulations are required.

1)      The Student will only use these alternative media files for personal study.

2)      The Student is prohibited from sharing these files with any other persons in any way.

3)      The Student must provide a receipt or proof of ownership before receiving alternative media of any copyrighted book.

4)      The Student must delete the alternative media files once the student no longer owns the eBook or physical copy of the book.

By signing this statement, the Student agrees to adhere to its terms. If the Student does not adhere to the above terms and breaks this contract, the Student may be reported to the Student Conduct Office for an investigation of the Student’s actions.


Student Name



Student: Upon request, a copy of this signed statement will be provided to course instructors.