Faculty FAQ - Alternative Media

Faculty FAQ

My student needs an alternative format of my exam. What do I do?

If you are a faculty member or GSI who needs to convert an exam into an alternative format, please send an email to dspamc@berkeley.edu in which you share with us the following information:

Student name

Student ID

Class name

Professor name


Exam date

In your email, you can share with us your...

How can I check if the documents that I am using in my class are accessible to students who are blind or who use assistive technology?

How can I create accessible materials for my class?

OCR Scanners

Before you scan a document for use in your class, first check if the document is already available electronically through one of the Library’s subscriptions. If the book is in the public domain, you can also check for electronic copies at Project Gutenberg

If you cannot locate an electronic version of a text and...

A student in my class receives alternative media. What do I do?

If you know that a student is registered with the Disabled Students Program, please feel free to contact the Alternative Media Unit of DSP for help.

It is best practice to create an accessible version of your course before you are notified that a student has an accommodation. See the previous question for information about how to do that.

How can I prepare my classes so that they are accessible to students who use alternative media (braille, large print, e-Text)?

Adopt your textbooks and prepare your course reader before the Accommodation Deadline

If you are using a print shop for a course reader, retain a digital copy of the course reader files. DSP may need to request the digital version of your course reader for conversion purposes.

Create accessible versions of class documents, syllabi, handouts, and exams....