New Students

Application Process

If you are already approved by a DSP specialist for our services you may go directly to Student Login to request services.

All UC Berkeley students, new to DSP (freshmen, transfer, and continuing students) seeking services through DSP are responsible for completing the following five (5) steps before their academic accommodations are provided:

  1. Submit an online application for DSP services
  2. Provide DSP with verification of your disability preferably at least 48 hours in advance of your Intake appointment with a Disability Specialist. Submit documentation in person, by fax (510) 643-9686 or by mail: 260 César E. Chávez Student Center #4250 Berkeley, CA 94720-4250
  3. Schedule your Intake appointment with a Disability Specialist by calling the DSP receptionist at (510) 642-0518.
  4. Meet with your Disability Specialist for an interactive appointment to discuss the accommodations or services you may require  (Note: if your medical documentation verifying the severity level of your disability has not been received by DSP 48 hours prior to your appointment, a follow-up appointment may be required). For more information on documentation go to Documentation.
  5. After you have been approved for accommodations and services by your Disability Specialist, request accommodation letters and auxiliary services online. Make this request prior to the beginning of each semester in which you will require accommodation letters or auxiliary services.

After you have completed the 5 steps, we recommend that you meet with each faculty member of the courses where you will require accommodations, to insure accommodations are understood and will be provided.

You must initiate and complete the five (5) steps before you may be approved for DSP services. If you are unable to complete the online application process, you can request assistance in person from the DSP receptionist.

Note: At the application stage, you will be assigned a DSP Specialist, however when you make an appointment for an Intake, you may be scheduled to meet with another DSP Specialist. Since the DSP Specialists are generalists, you may meet with any Specialist during appointments or Drop-Ins, however your assigned Specialist will be your Specialist of Note, and will be the one that responds to LOA requests online. When requesting follow up regarding LOA accommodations, you should communicate with your Specialist of Note.