Note-Taking Services

Note-Taking Services

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Who We Serve

Note-taking accommodations are approved on an individual basis through the interactive process between the Disability Specialist and the student. Registered students who have met with a Disability Specialist and have provided documentation that supports the need for note-taking accommodations may either be approved for an in-class notetaker or notetaking assistive technologies.

DSP’s Note-Taking Services office provides accommodations to help you succeed in your academics.

For Students: We offer several types of notetaking accommodations. 

  1. Technology Based Notetaking Applications, such as Glean,which is a cloud-based notetaking app that makes it simple and easy to review your notes, or which is a real time transcription app

  2. In-class notetaking services. These may include  Habitat Learn in which students record classes and send them to a remote notetaker, or a traditional peer notetaker.
  3. We have also partnered with testing out Athena AI which is a brand new AI Powered notetaker that has been built by UC Berkeley DSP Alumni and current students students and is designed specifically for DSP Students.  Athena can deliver notes in less than a day and provide outline style notes. Please email if you are interested in this option. 

You must be approved by your specialist in order to receive these accommodations. Once you’ve been approved, your specialist will set up your appointment. If you have questions or would like a follow-up, please email

Note-taking Technologies

What is Glean?

DSP offers several different assistive Note-taking Technologies as a classroom accomodation. 

The most popular option is Glean  which is software that allows you to take better notes. It turns your laptop or mobile device into an audio recorder and combines visuals with text and audio recordings.

Glean includes the ability to transcribe lectures. In depth Feature List of Glean is a real time transcription app. Otter.Ai Feature Page

New for Spring 2024 is Athena AI.  Athena is an AI powered notetaking software that can transcribe, create outline notes and flash cards. Here is an introduction on Athena's features

Note-taking Policies

Class notes are not intended to substitute for class attendance. The Purpose and Provision of Class notes

A student’s creation of class notes for personal use or study is more than a form of merely recording classroom information for later review and memorization to assist in recalling information presented to the student while attending class. The process of creating class notes assists students in analyzing, synthesizing, and organizing the information and concepts presented in the classroom into a cognitive framework customized to meet the individual student’s unique learning needs....

Steps for Requesting In-Class Notetakers

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The following steps are designed to assist DSP in accommodating you with timely and effective note-taking services through cooperation, good communication, and advance notice. Failure to follow these steps may result in a delay in receiving note-taking services.

Prospective Note Takers

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Every semester DSP employs 400+ student volunteer notetakers. If you take detailed, well-organized notes, this is a wonderful way to make a positive difference for a fellow classmate. Upon successfully completing the semester, eligible note-takers can receive a monetary stipend ($56/unit or $224 for a 4 unit course).

Contact Information

Note Taking Services

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