Prospective Note Takers

Are you interested in becoming a student volunteer notetaker? Would you like to earn a monetary stipend for sharing the notes that you are already taking for yourself in class? Apply as a DSP notetaker today! 

As a DSP notetaker, your responsibility will be to take neat, well-organized notes and upload them to our Accessible Information Management (AIM) system within 36 hours after each class. We welcome both typed and handwritten notes. 


  • You must be currently enrolled as a student in the course in which you are willing to share notes.

  • You must take detailed, well-organized notes and upload them to AIM within 36 hours after each class. Notes can be handwritten or typed. 

  • A Social Security Number is required to receive the monetary stipend at the end of the semester.

  • If you are an international student without an SSN, a gift card will be provided. See our page for International Student Notetakers for more information.

How to Apply

1. Fill out the student volunteer applicationMake sure to follow all the directions carefully on the application

2. Email sample notes to Sample notes can be from the course you are applying to, or a previous course if the semester has not yet started.

Selection Process: 

If you are chosen, you’ll receive an automated email that confirms your acceptance. This email will provide all the information you need to know about registration and uploading your notes. 

Many times we receive multiple applicants for a notetaking position, especially popular courses. If you are not chosen, don't worry! We receive many requests throughout the semester, so we may receive a request that matches your course schedule later on. DSP's online system auto-matches your course schedule to incoming requests, so you will receive an email notification for when there is an available position.

Volunteer Notetaker Onboarding: 

After you receive this confirmation email, there will be a link to a Volunteer Note-taker form to fill out. After you fill out this form, you should hear from the campus onboarding team. More information can be found HERE

Note-taking Policies

  • Notes are uploaded to the notetaker portal. Make sure to log in first, then click on the class you’d like to upload for. 
  • You must post the class syllabus for your first post.
  • The date of the lecture must be included in the file title of your uploads as well as on your notes.
  • You must post something after every class regardless of whether a class was canceled or if there was a midterm. You may post a blank document for such days (you don't have to post on holidays).
  • Please upload your notes as soon as possible after each class. The same day is preferable to give the student receiving your notes time to prepare for the next class. Notes must be posted within 36 hours after each class.
  • All notes must be in .pdf format. You can use an app like CamScanner to upload your notes from your phone.
  • If you miss a class please arrange with a fellow student or visit your instructor's office hours to provide any missing notes.

How to Upload your notes to AIM

First, log into your notetaker portal. Click the Notetaker button on the top left menu. Then you’ll see the following screen which shows your requested assignments. 


Scroll down the page until you see the file upload section. From there you’ll be able to choose which class you’re uploading for via the drop-down menu.

Make sure to choose the week and day of the class the notes are for. Please also remember to put the date in the file title as well for reference. 

Finally, choose “upload notes” and the file should be uploaded to the system.


  • In order to receive your stipend, you must complete the volunteer notetaker onboarding process. More info is available HERE.
  • The current stipend rate is $56/unit. (Example: A 4 unit class=$224). Payments are pro-rated based on when you started during the semester. For example, if you start on week 4, then you'll receive 75% of the total. You can be eligible to receive 100% if you upload all previous classes. 

  • Stipends are typically paid out near the end of the semester via the UCPath portal. If you have another job on campus, the stipend is combined with your regular pay. 

  • If you take notes for multiple classes, you will receive one stipend per class. There is no limitation on how many classes you can take notes for. 

  • More detailed information will be sent out before the payments are processed. 


Feel free to email or and we will answer your question as soon as possible.