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Active Minds

Active Minds is the nation's premier nonprofit organization supporting mental health awareness and education for students.

Axis Dance Company

AXIS Dance Company, one of the world’s most acclaimed and innovative ensembles of performers with and without disabilities, will change the way you think about dance and the possibilities of the human body forever. Founded in 1987, AXIS has become a jewel of contemporary dance and disability culture. AXIS has paved the way for a powerful contemporary dance form - physically integrated dance- performing in over sixty cities nationwide, as well as in Europe and Siberia.

Bay Area Outreach & Recreation Program (BORP)

Bay Area Outreach & Recreation Program (BORP) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization working to improve the health, independence and social integration of people with physical disabilities through sports, fitness and recreation programs. At BORP, we believe that sports and recreation provide a path to greater achievement to which all people should have access, and we continually strive to make this a reality.

The Center for Accessible Technology

The Center for Accessible Technology (CforAT) provides access to computers for people with disabilities. We do this so children with disabilities can succeed in school, adults with disabilities can find (and keep) jobs and all people with disabilities can use the internet, email and benefit from the digital revolution. CforAT also provides business consulting services to corporations, libraries and government entities. We provide assistance on creating accessible websites and have a test bank of users with disabilities to test products and services. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Center for Independent Living 

(CIL)CIL offers over 14 helpful programs. They've got Benefits Counseling (including help with PASS plans); the Client Assistance Program (CAP), which helps resolve issues you might have with DOR; and a Youth Program, among others.

City of Berkeley, Disability Compliance

City of Berkeley, Disability Related Resources

Computer Technologies Program

Our Mission: To broaden employment opportunities for people with significant disabilities by providing training in Information Technologies, self-marketing strategies and advocacy in partnership with the business and rehabilitation communities.

Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program

The Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program (DDTP) is a California State mandated program, administered by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). The DDTP has two components: The California Telephone Access Program (CTAP) which provides assistive telephone devices, and the California Relay Service (CRS). The programs are funded by a nominal surcharge on all telephone bills in the state. This surcharge appears on bills as "CA Relay Service and Communications Devices Fund."

Deaf Counseling and Referral Agency

DCARA provides its clients and communities with the resources, access and counseling services they need to make independent decisions in a variety of situations. In addition, DCARA provides the hearing community with information about the Deaf community and working and living with persons who are Deaf, Deaf-blind, Deafened and hard of hearing, as well as collaborating with other agencies to ensure that their services are more accessible to population that DCARA serves.

Disability Rights Advocates

DRA is a non-profit legal center whose mission is to ensure dignity, equality, and opportunity for people with all types of disabilities throughout the United States and worldwide.

Disability History Project

The Disability History Project is a community history project and we welcome your participation. This is an opportunity for disabled people to reclaim our history and determine how we want to define ourselves and our struggles. People with disabilities have an exciting and rich history that should be shared with the world.

Disability Rights California (formerly Protection and Advocacy, Inc.)

Disability Rights California provides advocacy help for Californians with disabilities.

Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF)

Easy Does It Emergency Attendant Services

Easy Does It Emergency Services provides assistance to the elderly and individuals with disabilities living independently in the City of Berkeley. Should a disabled person experience an unforeseen crisis or a temporary lapse in his or her own regular attendant care, that person can call upon Easy Does It for assistance at the time of need.

The Ed Roberts Campus

The Ed Roberts Campus is a nonprofit (501c3) corporation that has been formed by disability organizations that share a common history in the Independent Living Movement of People with Disabilities. These organizations have joined together to plan and develop a universally designed, transit-oriented campus located at the Ashby BART Station in South Berkeley. The Ed Roberts Campus will house the offices of the collaborating organizations as well as fully accessible meeting rooms, a computer/media resource center, a fitness center, a cafe, and a child development center.

Eye to Eye

Eye to Eye is a national, award-winning mentoring program for students with learning and attention issues. We train high school and college students with learning differences, including dyslexia and ADHD, to mentor similarly-identified middle school students. We are an easy-to-implement social-emotional intervention with high-impact results.

Oral Histories of the Disability Rights and Independent Living Movement

The DRILM collection consists of more than 100 oral histories with leaders and shapers of the disability rights and independent living movement from the 1960s onward and an extensive archive of personal papers of activists and records of key organizations.

Pacific Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center

The purpose of is to build a partnership between the disability and business communities and to promote full and unrestricted participation in society for persons with disabilities through the promotion of technology that is accessible to all.

Protection & Advocacy, Inc.

Disability Rights California is a nonprofit disability rights organization, working since 1978 to advance human and legal rights of Californians with disabilities. We strive to create a barrier-free, inclusive society that values diversity and each individual. Our services are available throughout the state and we assist tens of thousands of people with disabilities each year.

Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass (TLG) is a nationally recognized center that has pioneered research, training, and services for families in which a child, parent or grandparent has a disability or medical issue. TLG is a disability community based nonprofit organization, which emerged from the independent living movement, and was founded in 1982 in Berkeley, California. Our mission is "To create, demonstrate and encourage non-pathological and empowering resources and model early intervention services for families with disability issues in parent or child which integrate expertise derived from personal disability experience and disability culture."

Whirlwind Wheelchair International

Whirlwind Wheelchair International works to make it possible for every person in the developing world who needs a wheelchair to obtain one that will lead to maximum personal independence and integration into society. In order to fulfill this mission, WWI seeks to give wheelchair riders a central role in all of its projects and activities.

World Institute on Disability

The World Institute on Disability is an internationally recognized public policy center organized by and for people with disabilities. It works to strengthen the disability movement through research, training, advocacy and public education to help people with disabilities throughout the world enjoy increased opportunities to live independently.

California AT Network

The AT Network is expanding the accessibility of tools, resources and technology that will help increase independence, improve personal productivity, and enhance the quality of life for all Californians. The AT Network provides information, referrals, training, and technical assistance to those who share an interest in and commitment to the practical and effective use of technology by people with disabilities.

California Foundation for Independent Living Centers

The California Foundation for Independent Living Centers, based in Sacramento, Calif., is a statewide, non-profit trade organization made up of 25 Independent Living Centers. Through unified action, CFILC envisions civil rights for all people with disabilities. CFILC's mission is to support independent living centers in their local communities through advocating for systems change and promoting access and integration for people with disabilities.

State Independent Living Council

The SILC is an 18-member council, appointed by the Governor, to represent persons with disabilities throughout the state and charged with:
Determining the allocation of federal funds for independent living;
Advising the Governor and Legislature about issues impacting persons with disabilities in California;
Creating projects and moving forward ideas that will enhance the ability of people with disabilities to live independently;
Assuring compliance with applicable state and federal laws governing independent living.

California Department of Rehabilitation

The California Department of Rehabilitation works in partnership with consumers and other stakeholders to provide services and advocacy resulting in employment, independent living and equality for individuals with disabilities.


Located 20 minutes north of Stanford in San Carlos, WHILL produces the next generation of personal mobility devices. With simplistic beauty and revolutionary design, Model A provides mobility in a versatile, stylish and unobtrusive way. Model A has 4-wheel drive, long-distance range, and obstacle clearance and climbing capabilities.