Disabled Students' Program

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Elena Zhukova

Our Mission

The Disabled Students' Program promotes an inclusive environment for students with disabilities. We equip disabled students with appropriate accommodations and services to achieve their individual academic goals. We are dedicated to supporting disabled students and collaborating with the campus community to remove barriers to educational access and embrace the University’s values of equity and inclusion. We believe that an accessible environment universally benefits everyone.

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student seeking DSP services for the first time, please complete the application process.

Learn more about our AIM system.

DSP offers a wide range of services for students with disabilities, and the following Auxiliary Service units represent just a few of the services offered to students.  Learn more about each of them below. 

Our student success programs include DSP TRIO, Spectrum Connect, Career Services and Student Development.  Learn more about Support Services

FAQ's, Information, and Resources for Faculty pertaining to DSP, LOA's and Accommodations for your students.