Note Taking: Steps for Obtaining Notes

The following steps are designed to assist DSP in accommodating you with timely and effective note-taking services through cooperation, good communication, and advance notice. Failure to follow these steps may result in a delay in receiving note-taking services.

DSP Note Taking Request Process

Utilize priority enrollment to sign up for classes

As a DSP student, you receive priority enrollment so that you are able to predict your class schedule in advance, and in turn, you are able to provide DSP with advance notice of your need for note-taking services.

Log into your DSP Account and request Note-taking Services

Promptly submit your request for note-taking services as soon as you enroll in a course during your CalCentral Phase 1 and Phase II enrollment period. As soon as you sign up for your classes, make sure to log into your student account(link is external)

After logging in, make sure you are in the “My Dashboard” tab.

AIM - My Dashboard.

Scroll down to the section titled “Select Accommodations for Your Class” to find your current registered classes with UC Berkeley. If you do not see a course you believe you are registered for, check the “Important Notes” in the yellow box above your classes.

AIM - Selecting Your Classes.

Follow these three steps to request accommodations:

1.   Under “Step 1: Select Class(es),” select the classes for which you wish to use accommodations by checking each course’s corresponding box (see the screenshot above). Remember that accommodations may not be required for all classes, such as fitness classes, seminars or field studies, discussion sections, Berkeley Connect, and English R1A/R1B courses.

2.  Click “Step 2: Continue to Customize Your Accommodations” to begin selecting Notetaking accommodations for each class.

3. Check the box for Notetaking and then click "Submit Your Accommodation Request" when you are done. This will submit your request for accommodations to the DSP office for approval.

Access Your Notes via AIM

Your note-taking request will be processed by DSP's notetaking services. We will recruit, identify, and set up a peer notetaker. Once the request is completed, you receive an email confirmation that says “DSP Notetaker Assigned

If there is already an assigned notetaker for the course, you’ll receive a different email notifying you of this.

To access your notes log into your student portal On the left menu, go to “Notetaking Accommodations” 

Once you’re in there, you’ll see your courses. Each class that has notes uploaded will say “Notes Available to Download." From there you can download notes for each week of classes.


Notes will be uploaded to your student portal 36 hours after each class. Most requests are completed within 10 business days, but if we have not identified a notetaker, you will be contacted about alternative accommodations. You can find more information on the DSP Process for Class notes.

Check Your Notes on a Regular Basis

After your notetaking requests are completed, course notes will be uploaded to your student portal in AIM after each class. DSP Note-taking services monitor the delivery and upload of notes, but please make sure to let us know if you have any comments, questions, or feedback about the notes/notetaker. It helps to provide specific examples and any information about any reported issues you may be having. We can be contacted at sends e-mail)

FAQ Notetaking

What if DSP is unable to find a note taker for my class?

If we are unable to find a notetaker 10 business days after your request, your DSP specialist will reach out to you about utilizing alternative accommodations. We utilize a remote notetaking service, NoteTaking Express(link is external) in which you can record your class and then upload the audio. A notetaker will transcribe notes and send them to you within 48 hours.

If I add a class late and request notetaking, will I receive retroactive notes?

DSP policy states that after a note-taker has been assigned, notes will (if available) will be provided retroactively to the first class the student attended or the date of the student's request for notetaking (whichever is later)

If I add or drop a course, who should I notify?

Make sure to notify your disability specialist as soon as possible so we can discontinue note-taking services if needed.

What sort of classes are notetaking services available for?

Note-taking services are always provided for lecture courses. If you require notes for a seminar or discussion, please let your specialist know as soon as possible, as these courses require their approval.

Notetakers are typically not provided for courses such as Field Studies, independent studies, DeCals, Education 198 courses, Berkeley Connect etc.