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How to request your exams with DSP Proctoring


DSP Proctoring provides services to students who have met with a Disability Specialist and have provided documentation that supports the need for exam-related accommodations. Once students have sent their Letter of Accommodation to their Professor and the Professor has submitted the Alternative Testing Agreement with DPS Proctoring, students are required to submit their own Exam Request through the DSP Student Portal.


Alternative Media: How To Request Services


To request alternative media each semester, you must log into AIM, which is the new platform DSP will be using to keep information about your accommodations.

Note: These instructions are also available as a DOCX and PDF - How to Request Alternative Media.docx | How to Request Alternative Media.pdf.

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Note Taking: Steps for Obtaining Notes

The following steps are designed to assist DSP in accommodating you with timely and effective note-taking services through cooperation, good communication, and advance notice. Failure to follow these steps may result in a delay in receiving note-taking services.

DSP Note Taking Request Process Utilize priority enrollment to sign up for classes

As a DSP student, you receive priority enrollment so that you are able to predict your class schedule in advance, and in turn, you are able to provide DSP with advance notice of your need for note-taking services.

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Accommodations: Requesting Letters of Accommodation

As soon as you register for a class, you should request your accommodation letter for that class to insure faculty compliance with disability accommodations for the semester. Students who become newly eligible for DSP accommodations during the semester must request their LOAs as soon as they are active in DSP. If LOAs are not requested in a timely manner, it may not be possible to provide accommodations in a timely manner. For example, some exam accommodations including scribes may require two or more weeks to arrange. Faculty responsibility for...