Student FAQ

Student FAQ

I am a graduate student and need alternative formats for non-course related academic work. Can I request alternative formats for these titles?

If you own a book that needs conversion, whether it is required for a class or not, please request a conversion from DSP's Alternative Media Unit by using our alternative media request form. You will need to provide a receipt or proof of ownership for any copyrighted materials.

Can I request books from the Library?

If you have a library book that needs conversion, please use the Library's scanning services. You will receive an email with a link to a PDF and a DOCX. If the document you received needs further editing, please feel free to request this file from the Alternative Media Unit of DSP. 


Why do I need to provide a receipt?

DSP must adhere to copyright guidelines and verify that students own the textbooks they are requesting.  For detailed information please read our Alternative Media Guidelines.


How long does it take to get my files?

Books/course materials containing clean text (i.e. a novel) take 10-17 business days to process.  Books containing STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), graphs, tables, or poor quality/markups (highlighting, underlining, writing, blurry text) generally take longer than 10 business days.  For detailed information please read our Alternative Media Guidelines.


I dropped/changed one or more of my classes and no longer need Alt Media for them, what do I do?

As soon as possible, email us at with your name, the name of the class(es), and the name of the book(s) in those classes so that we can cancel those requests immediately.  


How do I request Alt Media?

Fill out the Alternative Media Request form.  You can go to our YouTube page for a step by step tutorial on how to fill out the form.


My assigned format is not working for me (I don’t like it), can a request a different format?

Please email the Alternative Media Supervisor with details of what is not working for you.  Your format could be adjusted or changed.

How do I check to see what textbooks I need for my classes?

My instructor has not yet declared the titles of my textbooks, what do I do?

Fill out the Alternative Media Notice form as soon as possible.  This will allow us to contact your instructor or course department for book and course material information.  We will email you information as we receive it.