Autism Spectrum Services: For Parents & Allies

Resources that offer guidelines for families and allies of students who identify with disability who are transitioning to the post secondary education setting. 

Differences between disability services offered in K-12 & Higher Education

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College Funding Resources  for Students with Disability

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Parent’s Guide to College for Students on the Autism Spectrum

A book written by professionals for parents and allies of students with autism who are transitioning into higher education and navigating associated services. 

7 Steps for Success: High School to College Transition Strategies for Students with Disabilities

A step-by-step transition guide for students entering post-secondary education from K-12.  

Disability-Specific Resources for College Students:

A guide that offers insights into the rights and responsibilities of students with disabilities enrolled in higher education, as well as, a list of disability-specific services and organizations that promote advocacy and support around postsecondary transition and accommodation.