Student Support Workshops

Making the Most of RRR Week

Not sure what to do during RRR? Feeling overwhelmed? At the Make the Most of RRR Week Workshop, we’ll talk about creating a plan for your week, using effective study strategies, and remembering the fourth R - relaxation.


Project manage your exam preparation

Plan your RRR week

Review effective study strategies

R = Relaxation - practice relaxation strategies to reduce finals stress

Test Taking Strategies

Build your test-taking confidence at this workshop. We’ll cover how to effectively prepare, reduce anxiety, and approach your big exams.


Validate and reflect on Test Taking Anxiety

Strategies for preparing your body for exams

Develop a Day of Exam routine

Review test-taking strategies for objective, multiple-choice, and essay exams

Strong Start Workshop

Start your semester strong with this workshop. Learn organizational strategies, scheduling skills, tips for developing new habits, and have a chance to share and discuss with peers.


Create semester and weekly schedules, Explore organizational strategies for digital folders, binders/notebooks, and assignments. Learn tips for effectively communicating your DSP accommodations to instructors. Share your experiences and suggestions with peers.

Note-Taking Essentials

Note-taking is an essential academic skill. Make sure you’re making the most of your notes and utilizing the tools available to you as a DSP student.


Reflect on your current note-taking habits and challenges. Learn steps, strategies, and structures for effective note-taking. Explore digital note-taking resources. FAQ with DSP Note-taking Supervisor, Christian Yee

There is one academic study skills course and several workshops offered to students in TRiO DSP throughout the year. If you have any questions about any of the workshops offered, please contact For accommodation requests, please send us an email.

Previous Workshop Topics: Making the Most of RRR Week, Test Taking Strategies, and Note-Taking Essentials.