How do I get my media captioned?

Submit captioning requests to DSP Captioning via the DSP portal (AIM). This includes all media including, but not limited to, bCourses videos, video and voiceover content, narrated embedded PowerPoint videos, videos listed on your syllabus, YouTube, TED Talks, Zoom lectures, and raw MP4 files.

The turnaround time for DSP captioning is within 10 business days. Contact for any questions regarding this process.

For DVDs or digitized/streaming media, go to to search for the DVD/movie you need captioned. Send the call number to  The turnaround time to caption a DVD is 10 business days.

*This is not a guarantee due to COVID-19 directives. The earlier we receive a list of DVDs needed, the better our chances will be of securing a digitized streaming version with captions for your student.

Expedited requests: We understand last-minute changes and will do our best to get any last-minute requests back to you.  Reasonable attempts will be made to accommodate the request; however, there is no guarantee that videos submitted after 12:00 p.m. will be captioned the same day.