How do I submit a video to AIM for captioning?

1. Log into AIM

2. Click the “Deaf and Hard of Hearing” tab on the left side.

The Views and Tools Tab opens to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Tab

Bold (Ctrl+B)

3. Click “Submit Video Captioning Request” on the right side.

Submit video captioning requests tab

4. Select the appropriate class you are making the request for.

Select the class

5. Click “Continue to View Request For This Class." You will then fill out the request form.

Click on the Continue to View Request for This Class Button

6. Fill out the form, ensuring that all spaces with a red asterisk are completed. Use the exact name of the video as it is listed in your Media Gallery. Please ensure that your file names are distinguishable from one another.

Fill out the form

7. Indicate in the “notes” section if there are any special instructions.

In the notes section, add any special instructions

 8. Click “Add Video List” 

Click on Add video List button