Are students required to speak with faculty to initiate accommodations?

We do encourage students to have a conversation with their instructors about their accommodations. These conversations can be helpful for both parties. DSP Disability Specialists can also help facilitate these conversations and assist faculty with setting up an agreement with students about accommodations (for example, Disability Specialists can help instructors and students determine the parameters for acceptable numbers of absences or timelines for assignment extensions). However, we cannot require students to have a conversation about their accommodations with their instructor before their accommodations are implemented.

The issuance of an accommodation letter is considered legal notice of a student’s need for accommodations. Instructors are responsible for implementing students’ accommodations whether students request accommodations in person or not. If you are unsure of the accommodation needs of a student who has not reached out to you or who is not responding to your outreach, you can contact the student’s assigned Disability Specialist for assistance and guidance about how to proceed.The student’s Disability Specialist is listed at the end of the student’s accommodation letter.