How can I prepare my classes so that they are accessible to students who use alternative media (braille, large print, e-Text)?

  • Adopt your textbooks and prepare your course reader before the Accommodation Deadline

  • If you are using a print shop for a course reader, retain a digital copy of the course reader files. DSP may need to request the digital version of your course reader for conversion purposes.

  • Create accessible versions of class documents, syllabi, handouts, and exams. Indicate on your sylabus which readings are required and recommended.

  • Create accessible online content in bCourses

  • Search for electronic versions of your course materials using one of UC Berkeley’s online catalogs. If you post links to PDF articles available through one of UC Berkeley’s Library subscriptions, search for accessible versions of these PDF files. Retain a digital copy of the PDF file that you can easily share with DSP in case remediation is necessary.