A student with a disability is enrolled in my class. What adjustments or other accommodations must I make?

If a student requests accommodations, other than what you would normally provide any other student, then you should inform them to go to their DSP SCARAB login to request a "letter of accommodation" (LOA) from DSP to be sent to you. Once you have been sent the electronic copy of the LOA, then you are required to provide the stated accommodations. Accommodations are not retroactive, so you are not responsible for provision of accommodations prior to receipt of the LOA. As a result, it is in the students' best interests to have the LOA sent to you as early as possible in the  semester.

The Letter of Accommodation sent by DSP constitutes the minimum accommodations you must provide to that student. However you are free to make any additional accommodations you deem reasonable (as you might with any other student) as long as these additional arrangements do not contradict the Letter of Accommodation issued by DSP.

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