What if I object to a recommendation in DSP's letter of accommodation?

Please contact the Disability Specialist who sent the accommodation letter to resolve any logistical or other concerns you may have. The Disability Specialists know that their recommendations can occasionally inadvertently compromise the purposes or standards of a class, and they are ready to discuss such concerns with you. You are not obligated to fundamentally alter the objectives of your course.

When DSP and an instructor disagree regarding the appropriateness of an accommodation for a particular course, the matter is referred by DSP to the Vice Provost for the Faculty. The Vice Provost for the Faculty determines whether the accommodation is appropriate and will either direct DSP to issue a revised accommodation letter or inform the student that the existing accommodation letter will be observed by the instructor. DSP, not the student, is responsible for managing disagreements between DSP and an instructor. Please do not discuss your concerns with the student, but instead reach out to the student’s assigned Disability Specialist directly. More information about DSP’s Complaint Resolution Process is available here: DSP Complaint Process