What if a student says that they have a disability, but I have not received a letter of accommodation from DSP?

We ask faculty to refer students back to DSP rather than provide informal accommodations. Informal accommodations may not meet the student’s disability-related access needs. If a student is not yet active in DSP and has an immediate concern, instructors can provide the same consideration for extenuating circumstances that they would provide for students without disabilities. For instance, if a student breaks their hand the night before your exam and asks you if they can have some extra time because their typing is slower, you have the discretion to allow this adjustment without requiring the student to first complete an intake appointment with DSP. You can then let the student know that what you are providing is not a formal disability accommodation, and that if they anticipate requesting future accommodations, they will need to provide you with an accommodation letter from DSP. Students who request intake appointments with DSP can typically schedule an appointment within two weeks if they have disability documentation available.