If I was eligible for disability services in high school, will I automatically be eligible for similar services at Cal?

IEP's and 504 Plans are not binding on the University of California or any organizations outside of the schools in which they were developed. Accordingly, you will not automatically be eligible for specific services or accommodations simply because you present your high school Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan.

To determine whether you are eligible for our services, one of our Disability Specialists will conduct a comprehensive assessment and evaluation process that is consistent with established University of California systemwide practices. The assessment and evaluation process will include, but not be limited to, interviews with you as well as a review of documentation provided by physicians and other clinicians (for example, clinical psychologists, audiologists, and optometrists). See the Disability Verification Requirements.

Please keep in mind that at UC Berkeley, students with disabilities are eligible to receive services if they meet the following criteria:

  • The students have documented physical, medical, and/or psychological conditions;
  • Their disabilities limit one or more major life activities; and
  • Appropriate professionals have verified that the students need individualized services, the absence of which would impede educational access.