Reading Strategies/Resources:

Helps improve your understanding, recall, and retention of textbook material.SQ3R - Survey, Question, Read, Recall, Review(link is external)

A video tutorial about the SQ3R Reading Method.
SQ3R Video Tutorial(link is external)

A video detailing five methods to begin reading faster.
College Info Geek, "Five Ways to Read Faster"(link is external)

A set of tools within bCourses that helps make course content more accessible.
bCourse Ally - Alternative Formats Tool(link is external)

Automatically convert documents into a range of alternate media including audio books (MP3 and DAISY), e-books (EPUB, EPUB3 and Mobi) and digital Braille. It can also be used to convert inaccessible documents such as image-only PDF files, JPG pictures and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into more accessible formats.
Sensus Access - Alt Formats Conversion Tool(link is external)

Provides instant access to eTextbooks and a full suite of study tools on any device, both online and offline. Includes numerous accessibility features.
Vital Source eTextbook (link is external)