What are my responsibilities for ensuring that I receive the accommodations I am entitled to?

Students have multiple responsibilities in ensuring that they receive their accommodations.

The individual assessment and accommodation process is an ongoing and interactive one. Participate actively in your intake appointment. If the nature or impact of your disability changes, or if your accommodations no longer seem sufficient to provide you with equal access to your courses, let your assigned Disability Specialist know.  You can meet with your Disability Specialist to review your current documentation, schedule, and accommodations.

Once you are active in DSP, you are responsible for requesting your accommodation letters every semester in a timely manner. This provides instructors with the notice of the accommodations you will need for equal access to their courses.

If your instructor does not provide you with a needed accommodation, you are responsible for notifying your assigned Disability Specialist as soon as possible so your Disability Specialist can assist you.

If you have questions or concerns about your accommodations, you are responsible for contacting your Disability Specialist for assistance.