How Can I Learn More About Disability Culture and Community?

Handwritten messages on a Disability Cultural Community Center cloth

UC Berkeley photo by Sofia Liascheva 

 “A cultural space on campus goes beyond basic compliance and more adequately promotes equal opportunity. It would acknowledge disabled students as a strong sociocultural identity group as opposed to a constituency that needs “fixing.” Shame, isolation, and presumed incompetence loom over disabled students when the institution neglects to recognize their importance and place in our campus community.”

Excerpt from student and community advocacy letter, January 2018

If you are interested in learning more about disability culture, community, and how to create an anti-ablest environment, visit the below campus partners and community resources: 

UC Berkeley Disability Lab- AKA RadMad Lab at Cal

Disability Studies at Berkeley

Disabled Students’ Program (DSP)

Disability Access & Compliance at Berkeley

Special Feature: An Introduction to Disability Cultural Centers in U.S. Higher Education

How the DCC Came to Being: Ep 98 of the Disability Visibility Project


intentional or unintentional discrimination, bias, and/or prejudice against disabled people which can be reflected systemically through policies, structures, practices, procedures, and environmental factors that deny disabled folks access to services, activities, and programs