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Disability Specialist

Born and raised in the Bay Area,  Alvaro Francisco Gomez has been working in the field of Disability and Higher Education for the past 25 years.  He holds a MA in Philosophy and Education from the Teacher’s College at Columbia University in New York, and received his B.A. at CAL Berkeley.   Alvaro has worked as a Disability Specialist and in various other roles related to disability access at Columbia University, San Jose State University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill prior to returning to CAL.   While at Columbia University, Alvaro helped to launch the Columbia University Seminar on Disability Studies, and worked as an editorial assistant to Dr. Simi Linton, Disability Studies Scholar., towards the completion of her autobiography, “My Body Politic.” 

In his role as a Disability Specialist for Graduate Students at U.C. Berkeley’s Disabled Students’ Program, Alvaro works with graduate students with disabilities to provide individualized accommodations and services at all stages of students’ graduate careers. Alvaro’s experience as a Disability Specialist at Berkeley informs his knowledge of the unique concerns that graduate students with disabilities experience at Cal. Alvaro also conducts outreach and networks with departments and faculty and the Graduate Division to create and refine policies and practices in support of campus equity and inclusion.

In his spare time, Alvaro enjoys playing soccer with his 11 year old son (as his aging body will permit), reading, and traveling whenever possible…


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