Proctoring with DSP

DSP proctoring can only be requested by your instructor, and they will notify you about the time and location of your proctoring appointment.  DSP mainly proctors in Wheeler 1-8 and Moffitt 224.  Please arrive 10 minutes early, with your student ID, to your testing location so your proctor has sufficient time to check you in.  

After your proctor has checked you in they will confirm your testing information, and instruct you to turn off your cell phone and place it into your bag.  All of your belongings, except those needed for testing, will stay with the proctor.   You will be shown to your testing area, and may  request a 5, 10, or 15 minute  warning from the proctor.  You may begin your exam when your proctor instructs you to do so.  

You may go to the proctor to ask any questions about the exam.  The proctor will connect you to your professor, or a GSI  from your class, so you may ask them directly.  If you need to use the restroom or get a quick glass of water please inform your proctor.  

If you leave the test site for any other reason without a proctor, your exam will be sealed and you will not be allowed to finish.

 Once you are finished you may return the finished exam to your proctor.  Your proctor will confirm with you that you are finished and seal the exam in an envelope in front of you.  Once the exam is sealed you are finished, and can enjoy the rest of the day.  

Moffit Entrance

Entrance to proctoring at Moffit Library

Room 224 is located in the east classroom wing, one floor down from the main entrance. The entrance is located outside the Moffitt library on the right side by the bulletin boards.

Wheeler Entrance

Basement entrance to Wheeler Hall on the north side of the building. A student in a wheelchair is seen turning left under the staircase that leads to the basement entrance's doors.

Rooms #1-8 are located in the basement. If you use the North Wheeler Hall accessible entrance, it will place you in the basement of Wheeler Hall. As soon as you go through the accessible doors, the entryway to Wheeler Hall Room #1-8 will be immediately on the left side.

Contact Faculty

After receiving or requesting your Letters of Accommodation, confirm with your professor that they also received a copy and understand its contents. In general, DSP encourages you to let your faculty know your preferences for exam accommodation, i.e. if you prefer that they put in a request through DSP, or that you be proctored through the department.

Time Conflicts

If there is a time conflict between the time or date of your proctoring appointment and another exam, please email your professor or GSI and give them times and dates that work for you. This should occur early on in the semester or, ideally, prior to registering for classes.  If you receive extended time on exams, for example, be sure not to schedule courses iback-to-back.  Also, check the final exam schedule.  If you have extended time and have several final exams in a day, you may want to speak with your professors to discuss alternatives.  

Taking an Exam with DSP

A student is sitting down, facing away, taking an exam in the Wheeler proctoring suite.

Our exam rooms include individual (room alone) stations, as well as reduced distraction environments for students taking exams. Some station are equipped with computers, furniture, or other assistive technologies as specified in each student’s accommodation letter.

Support During Exams

A student is returning an exam to a smiling proctor in the Wheeler proctoring suite.

A student returning a finished exam to one of our proctors. Proctors are available and ready to answer basic process questions throughout an accommodated exam. They can also contact your faculty member or graduate student instructor with exam content related questions should the need arise.