FAQ Faculty Notetaking

For more information, please contact: dspnotes@berkeley.edu

A notetaker has reached out to me and asked for permission to use their laptop. I do not allow students to use technology in class. What should I do?

Some DSP students have specific accommodations to receive typewritten notes from a student notetaker in their class. If this is the case, the notetaker should be allowed to use their laptop in the classroom as long as they have identified themselves to you. A DSP specialist will reach out to you to confirm the accommodation.

In my classroom, we often discuss sensitive topics/information. How do I handle this?

In this case, it’s best to reach out to the student's Disability Specialist to discuss your concerns and make a plan. Please do not discuss your concerns with your student. A common solution is to allow the student to record any lecture-based material, but turn the recording off during discussion of sensitive topics.

A student in my class has an audio recording accommodation, but I don’t allow recording.

All DSP students who are approved to audio record sign an Audio Recording Agreement. The agreement states that they acknowledge the recording is the intellectual property of the instructor and that they will not distribute the recording. You may request a copy of this from the students’ assigned Disability Specialist. If you still have concerns about audio recording in your class, please contact the Disability Specialist who signed the letter of accommodation.

A student in my class has an accommodation to receive notes. Am I required to find the student a notetaker?

No action is required on your part. DSP’s Note Taking office will coordinate recruitment of notetakers and delivery of notes to the student. In certain cases, DSP may contact you directly for assistance in recruiting a notetaker.