Auxiliary In-Class Assistance/Readers

Students may require additional assistance in the classroom environment. Students may be assigned an assistant based on their individual needs.

Lab Assistance

A lab assistant can be provided to assist with laboratory classes. Tasks that the auxiliary assistants provide in a lab class include but are not limited to, physical manipulation of lab materials as needed by the student, adjusting and moving lab equipment as described by the student, taking dictation for lab recording of data, and completion of worksheets during lab.

In Class Assistance

In-class assistants will accompany the student in their lecture or discussion section. The assistant may describe visual information, assist with in-class assignments, describe visual information presented, or assist with iClicker usage.

Reading Assistance

For students that receive alternative formats, a reader may be assigned to read aloud the required course material as well as provide visual descriptions of pictures and text. 

Accommodation Request Process

  1. Students must request services through their Disability Specialist each semester for each course they require a lab assistant and/or reader. 

  2. All requests must be submitted 3 weeks before the start of instruction to allow appropriate hiring and processing time. Requests must include a description of tasks, required hours per week, site location, and any specialized skills/knowledge that may be required. The DSP specialist will approve all requests and then forward to the Auxiliary Services Supervisor. 
  3. For requests made after the start of the semester, the processing and lead time will depend on the request type and skill set required. 
  4. DSP will assign a student worker from our own hiring pool. If the course requires specialized knowledge/skills DSP will make a best effort to assign a student worker with the appropriate skill set. If there is not an available employee with the required skills, please allow DSP approximately 1.5 months to complete the hiring and onboarding process.
  5. Any changes in schedule, hours, and/or tasks must be approved in advance by your DSP Specialist. Lab Assistant/Reader hours and tasks are closely monitored by DSP Auxiliary Services Staff.
  6.  If you have any issues or questions regarding your Lab Assistant/Reader, please immediately notify your DSP Specialist.