What if the clip I plan to use is from YouTube?

If the material is on YouTube, you should check to see if it’s appropriately captioned. If it is not properly captioned, request that DSP have it captioned for you.

*A warning about YouTube videos:  Often YouTube videos show the “CC” symbol indicating they are captioned. However, if you click on the “CC” symbol and it says “English (Auto Generated),” these captions are produced using voice recognition software and fall below ADA and UC Berkeley quality standards. When used in the classroom, auto-generated captions may limit accessibility for the student with a hearing loss. 

The auto-generated captions are sometimes so inaccurate that they prohibit proper comprehension of the material being presented. It is required you always review the entire YouTube video to check the quality of the captions before showing it in class.  If captions do not meet ADA and University requirements, you should request that the DSP have them captioned. For clarification on automated captions , please view this informational video regarding automated captions