Trenna Davis

Picture of CART/ASL Supervisor Trenna Davis
Job title: 
CART/ASL Supervisor

Trenna Davis is the Realtime Captioning and ASL Communication Supervisor, where she incorporates 20 years of experience to help students overcome communication barriers that impact their learning.  

Trenna is a Certified Shorthand Reporter in Georgia and Texas, and she also holds a Registered Professional Reporter certification through the National Court Reporters Association. She began her career as a court reporter and then went on to become a broadcast captioner, handling national and international programs, news, and events.

Ultimately, Trenna knew that she wanted the ability to work one-on-one with the people utilizing her services. Trenna joined the Disabled Students’ Program in 2017 where she has since received an Achievement Award and the Chancellor’s Outstanding Staff Award for her mentorship and dedication to equal access. Trenna enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. 

Her pronouns are she/her.

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