FAQ Faculty Proctoring

Can DSP Proctoring proctor exams at night?

Due to staffing considerations, we are unable evening exams. All regular-semester exams must end by 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday. All Final exams must end no later than 6 pm. Please call our office at (510) 643-4691, or email proctoring@berkeley.edu to discuss your needs.

Will DSP Proctoring notify me of my DSP student's proctoring details?

When a student's exam is approved you will receive an email thread notifying you of your students' scheduled exams including all relevant details. You will receive a separate email for each student in one email thread.

Can DSP Proctoring proctor online exams?

We are unable to proctor online exams at this time. For assistance with online exams, please contact Digital Learning Services or email: bcourseshelp@berkeley.edu

How do I request proctoring services for exams?

To request proctoring services for your class login to your AIM Faculty Portal and click on the proctoring module on the left side of the page. Click on the Testing Agreement and answer all questions in that form. Once you have submitted the testing agreement, students will be responsible for scheduling their own exams. Space is limited and we may not be able to seat all your students. We will give priority to students with complex accommodations like 200%+ extended time, scribe...

Can students in DSP take their exam at a different day and/or time than the class?

All DSP proctored exams are scheduled on the date that is requested by the instructor. In some circumstances, a student may have a conflict with another class or another exam. Please coordinate a suitable date/time with the student that does not conflict with their schedule.

When should I drop off exams to the DSP Proctoring office?

Exams must be delivered to our office in person at 1 University Hall no later than 4:00 pm the day before the exam is scheduled to take place. Please have each exam placed in a 9”x12” folder.

Exams can also be uploaded using your DSP AIM Portal. Exams uploaded through the AIM portal must be submitted no later than 2 business days prior to the date of the exam.

When can I pick up completed exams from the DSP Proctoring office?

Exams must be picked up in person in our office at 1 University Hall, beginning at 8:30 am the day after the exam. Pick-up hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.

Do I need to fill out a new request for each individual exam?

Faculty need to submit a testing agreement for each class for which they are requesting exams. Once the testing agreement is submitted, students will be responsible for requesting and scheduling their own exams through their AIM student portal.

What measures are taken to promote academic integrity?

DSP Proctoring takes academic integrity very seriously. All of our proctors are well trained and are constantly monitoring exams in our testing locations. Students must show a photo ID when they arrive and agree to all conditions before an exam begins. Cell phones and smart watches must be turned off in front of the proctor and stowed away for the duration of the exam. Students are asked to sign in/out when using the bathroom, and proctors are continually walking the floor to deter any potential for cheating. Any suspicious activity is logged and reported to the instructor...

If a student is late to their exam, do they receive their full amount of time?

If a student is late for their exam, they will not be granted any additional time. If they are more than 30 minutes late, they will not be allowed to start their exam unless we get approval from the instructor. We will call the contact number submitted on the proctoring request form for approval.