Frequently Asked Questions - Proctoring

Can I arrange proctoring online?

Yes. Please visit our online request page for information on the online submission process.

My department doesn't have resources to provide proctoring. What do I do next?

You (not the student) may contact the Campus Proctoring Service (643-4691, or make an online request, to arrange for centralized proctoring and space for administering the exam. You inform the student where and when to report.

What if I have questions about the accommodation letter?

Letters of accommodation are online; there is a faculty login page that will give you access to the information. Please contact the Disabled Students' Program Specialist, 642-0518, who signed the letter or check the DSP FAQ. The main Berkeley policy addressing academic accommodations is the Campus Policy for Accommodating the Academic Needs of Students with Disabilities.

What advice can I give my students about their responsibility in the process?

The responsibility of students with disabilities in the exam accommodation process is outlined in "Exam Preparation Tips for Students with Disabilities Using the Campus Proctoring Service". It explains their role in planning for accommodations, securing assistants and equipment they may need, and how the centralized campus proctoring program works.

How far ahead must I request proctoring assistance?

Requests for midterms should be made two weeks prior to the regularly scheduled exam. For final exams requests should be made before our fall and spring deadline. Our set Final exam deadlines are: Nov. 1 for Fall Semester and April 2 for Spring Semester.

Will someone from the campus proctoring service pick up and drop off the exam?

No. Exams need to be delivered to and picked up from 260 Chavez by you or a person you designate. It may be possible to make alternate arrangements for testing site, pickup, and delivery by calling 643-4691.