Proctoring - Student FAQs

Do I need to fill out a request for each individual exam?

Yes, please make a request for each exam you would like to take with DSP Proctoring.

Does DSP provide blue books/papers or other exam materials?

Students are responsible for their own exam materials. Please bring all the materials you need on the day of your exam. Our office does not provide blue books.

Can I choose my exam location?

The seat and its location is assigned based on the accommodation condition and the space availability.

How can I cancel and reschedule the request?

Exams can be cancelled via AIM protol. Please log on to AIM with your ID and password. Select Proctoring on the left hand side. Select the exam you would like to cancel or reschedule.

What if my exam is in conflict with another class or another exam?

Please speak with your DSP Specialist about exam conflicts. You will need to work with your instructors to determine what exams can be proctored at a different time.

Can I make a proctoring request on the exam day? How late can I make a request for proctoring?

You are required to make a proctoring request at least 5 business days before quizzes and midterms and 10 business days before final exams.

My class is online. Can I request an online proctoring service?

DSP Proctoring does not proctor online/remote exams. Please speak with your DSP Specialist and instructor on how best to proceed with online exams.

How do I request proctoring services for exams?

Please log on to AIM with your ID and password. Click Proctoring on the left-hand side. Select the class you would like to request an exam for. And fill out the required information. For more information on how to request proctoring services for your exam click on the following link: