Letters of Accommodation

Letters of Accommodation (LOA’s) must be requested prior to each semester via SCARAB (Student Login) to insure faculty compliance with disability accommodations for the semester. DSP students newly diagnosed, or newly eligible for DSP services within the semester, must request LOA’s as soon as authorized. In cases where accommodations take longer to arrange, it may not be possible to provide some accommodations in a timely manner if LOA’s have not been requested with enough notice. For example, some exam accommodations can be quite complex, and may require two weeks or longer to arrange. 

Once LOA’s have been sent to faculty, it is your responsibility to contact your faculty to set up a meeting to discuss the LOA conditions to insure clear understanding of accommodation needs, as well as faculty curriculum expectations. Faculty responsibility for providing accommodations begins once you have requested an LOA be sent to the faculty, and they have received the LOA. 

Faculty have responsibility for insuring the academic integrity of their classes, and are not required to fundamentally alter their courses. It is critical therefore, for you and your faculty member or GSI, to review your LOA, as well as faculty's course expectations, to clarify any potential expectation conflicts.

For example, while you may have occasional disability-related absences authorized, you still have responsibility to connect with your faculty/GSI immediately after an absence, and make up the work missed in order to keep up with the class requirements. If you are in a class where class attendance is important, your absences, and impact on ability to be successful in the course need to be discussed with the faculty member as early as possible.

Due to the fact LOA's are sent to the faculty of note, if you have a class with a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI), you need to inform your GSI that s/he needs to get the LOA from the faculty. On the other hand, you may also find it more expedient to print a copy of the letter sent to the faculty member, and give it to the GSI directly. Since it is addressed to the faculty member, the GSI will then know the letter is specific to his/her class. 

To request LOA's, follow the steps identified below:

1. Visit the Student Login page

2. Enter your CalNet credentials

3. Request Letters and Services

4. Select each course and check off the services you need

5. Save your selections and logoff

6. Make arrangements to meet with faculty or GSI to discuss LOA expectations and course requirements, so expectations are understood.