Financial Assistance

Students are often concerned about finances. Having a disability can produce even more financial burdens: part-time employment isn’t always an option, and often there are a number of extra disability-related expenses. Below are some sources of assistance that may be helpful to students with disabilities.

Campus Financial Aid

Financial aid is offered to students, with and without disabilities, who may qualify by showing that their income, resources, and in some cases, parents’ income and resources, are not adequate to meet the cost of the student’s education.

The situations listed below can result in inadequate financial aid awards without DSP’s help. At your request, DSP can work with the Financial Aid Office to protect or enhance your award:

  1. Taking a reduced course load (most undergraduates: less than 13 units, graduates: less than 10 units)
  2. Inability to work part-time due to your disability (during summer and breaks, during the school year, or both)
  3. Medical expenses, treatments, disability-related equipment, etc. that you pay for, not covered by medical insurance

Other sources of assistance available through the Financial Aid Office include the following:

If you are a graduate student, consult the Graduate Division website at for extensive information about financial aid and fellowships. You are also encouraged to check your department’s website for information on fellowships and scholarships.

DSP Student Technology Grants

Students with disabilities who are eligible for Student Financial Aid may apply for a DSP Student Technology Grant to assist them in purchasing assistive technology and/or equipment for disability-related needs. The Grant recognizes the unique needs of students with disabilities for assistive technology or specialized equipment that either improves access to instructional material or promotes physical independence. The DSP Grant is intended for improvement of access, but not as an emergency source of funding.

Financial Aid Office Emergency Loans

Living Expense Loans up to $1,000 are available to currently registered students. Co-payable Loans for Fees are available to non-registered students without blocks for the amount required to qualify for the Fee Payment Plan.

Scholarships and Awards

In addition to DSP Student Grants, other awards are available to DSP students:

The University Section Club is a UCB support group composed of faculty wives and other members of the University community offer two different grants. Student Grants of up to $1,000 are available to graduating seniors and graduate students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. The Sylvia Elberg Memorial Fund provides emergency aid of up to $500 to any student. These grants are intended to assist disabled students and others who have an unforeseen financial emergency. Students must submit a letter to their DSP specialist stating the reason for their request, along with a transcript.

Non-Campus Financial Resources

If you receive one or more other disability benefits, consult with your DSP specialist about ways to prevent the various aid programs from having an adverse effect on each other.

In addition to campus financial assistance, students with disabilities may be eligible for the following government financial benefits.

More Information

Check the TRIO Financial Aid page for an excellent overview of scholarships and awards. And the campus financial aid webpage lists a wide range of campus financial aid resources.

If you have further questions, contact DSP at (510) 642-0518.