Prospective Note Takers

The Disabled Students' Program (DSP) is looking for volunteer student note-takers who are enrolled in select courses, and are willing to share their notes. If you take detailed, well-organized notes, this is a wonderful way to make a positive difference for a fellow classmate—and receive a monetary stipend at the end of the semester. The stipend will be pro-rated if you begin volunteering after 25% of the semester has elapsed or if notes are shared for only part of the semester.


  • You must be currently enrolled as a student in the course in which you are willing to share notes.

  • You must have a Social Security Number or Tax ID Number.

  • If you are an international student without an SSN, you will be required to apply for an SSN. You will receive further information on the process if selected as a notetaker.  If you have another job on campus, you should already have a SSN. 

  • You must take detailed, well-organized notes and upload them within 36 hours to a bCourse site.

  • Freshmen are welcome to apply. If you do not have a Berkeley GPA, just write your high school GPA on the application with a small notation that indicates that it is from high school.


  • Stipends are disbursed at the end of the semester either via check or direct deposit.

  • We will inform you via email when the stipends are going to be dispersed.

  • If you take notes for multiple classes, you will receive one stipend per class.

  • Once selected, you are expected to share all of your class notes back to the first day of class and in return, you will be eligible to receive one hundred percent of the stipend. However, if your classnotes are not available prior to the date of your selection as a DSP notetaker, your stipend will be pro-rated in proportion to the number of classes (out of the total course classes) for which you are providing your classnotes going forward. 

How to Apply

Fill out the Volunteer Note-taker Application, and email a copy of your sample notes to Scans of handwritten notes can be made in the DSP office, open Monday through Friday 8-12 and 1-5.

Selection: Often there are multiple applicants for a notetaking position. If you are chosen, you’ll receive an email that confirms your acceptance. If the position has already been filled, please create a profile on our Scarab system which will auto match you to any future requests we receive.

1. Click on "Service Providers Login"

2. Choose the "Create Profile" tab and fill in all of the information. Make sure to put "CA" in the state line and not "California" (our system only accepts state abbreviations)

3.  Log out and log back in, then go to "offer services" and choose the current semester and under service type choose "Note taking"

Non-Citizen Notetakers

If you’re an international student who already has a SSN, permanent resident or DACA student, you can turn in your registration form.

If you’re an international student with F1, J1, H1 visa and do not have an SSN, you’ll need to apply for one. We will submit your name to Campus Shared Services and you will receive a message from our HR representative. In the meanwhile, you may start uploading your notes.

If you are unable to apply for an SSN (for example, international students with a J2 visa or on a semester-long exchange program), you can still be a volunteer notetaker.