DSP Specialists

DSP Disability Specialists 

Our Disability Specialists serve each student individually by conducting intakes, determining accommodations and DSP services, referring students to campus and community resources, and assisting students in working with faculty to carry out accommodations.  Each DSP student works with one DSP specialist. The specialist should be the student's first contact when the student experiences any problems or concerns with their accommodations or services or if the student needs to adjust their accommodations.  See bios for more information about our specialists.  We look forward to meeting with you soon. 


Alvaro Gomez

Picture of Disability Specialist Alvaro GomezBorn and raised in the Bay Area, Alvaro Francisco Gomez has been working in the field of Disability and Higher Education for the past 25 years. 

Courtney Castleman Bucher

Welcome to DSP! Compassion, integrity, and community are a few of my highest values. 

Devin Toma

Hello! I started as a specialist with DSP in 2022, and worked with people with disabilities for about 10 years prior to coming to Berkeley.

Jason Keough


Jessica Mangaccat

Jessica Mangaccat started as a disability specialist with DSP in 2023. Jessica is a first generation college student and a daughter of immigrants.

Juliana Chiarelli

Juliana has worked with students with disabilities for over four years, by coaching students one-on-one, connecting students to various on- and off-campus resources, partnering with faculty and staff, and leading academic success workshops a

Julie Greene

Photo of Disability Specialist Julie GreeneWelcome to my DSP page! I joined the Berkeley community in January 2018...

Marilyn de la Cruz

Marilyn began serving students as a counselor in higher education within the Centers for Educational Equity and Excellence, Division of Equity & Inclusion at UC Berkeley.

Matthew Alvarez

Hi everyone! My name is Matthew Alvarez and I’m originally from Oakland, California.

Navi Dhanota

Navi Dhanota, MA, PhD (c) (pronouns: she/her)

Rebecca Whitney

I’ve spent my career in education, first as a high school English teacher, then as a Learning Specialist for high school and middle school students.

Vineeta Ram

Greetings! My name is Vineeta Ram (pronounced Vee-nee-ta Rahm). I’ve spent the last 5 years working with students in various roles and positions in disability services in the Midwest.